Town House Motel Amenities


24-Hour Front Desk

During your stay at the Town House Motel, we are dedicated to ensuring you have everything necessary for a seamless trip. Our front desk operates around the clock, every day, with our amiable staff diligently working to ensure your rooms are cleaned daily, guaranteeing a restful night's sleep. Whether you seek directions, recommendations for local attractions, or simply require extra pillows, our front desk is ready and available to assist you with all your needs.


Complimentary On-site Parking

We enhance the value of your stay and assist travelers in saving on transportation costs by providing complimentary on-site parking. Regardless of your vehicle type, whether it's a car, moving trailer, truck, or any other, we offer ample parking space. For added convenience, some parking spaces are conveniently located directly in front of the guest rooms.


Free Wi-Fi

Undoubtedly, your stay promises unique experiences worth sharing, and we understand the desire to spread the word! Keeping in touch with friends and family back home is a breeze with our complimentary high-speed wireless Internet connections. Guests can stay connected throughout the property, whether at the front desk or in the privacy of their guest room. Easily connect with your mobile device to revisit your favorite social media pages and websites during your stay.


  • 4 Bedroom
  • Free Wifi
  • 200 sqft room
  • Air conditioner
  • Attach bath
  • Breakfast
  • 1-2 Persons
  • Airport pickup